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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. De Jure Grand Juries Stopping Violence & Chaos.

Be careful of what you wish for. I know we have all heard that a million times but once more won't hurt us.

Let’s take a quick peak of the chaos that will follow the Reset if won by the White Hats, shall we?

* If the Federal Government is reduced to pre-Civil War days then it might be about 10% of its current size. * That would mean a lot of government agencies would disappear. * That would mean a lot of money flowing from the Fed to States and ultimately down to Counties will be drastically reduced.

Now to simplify things, lets look at just county level chaos.

* Due to budget cuts and return to State and Federal Constitutional strict interpretations, the County Code Enforcement Dept will probably shrink or go away.

So now if my neighbor erects a wooden fence ten feet taller than the County code allows, and paints a mural of a man mooning me on my side of the fence, what action can be taken? How about his pissing in my water supply? If the Feds reduce themselves 90% in one month this is part of the chaos that “We The People” must deal with ourselves. It can’t be done for us by AI.

​ * The County may have to abolish all rules and regulations made since 1861.

* The County may then quickly ratify certain rules and regulations made since 1861 as keepers.

* Then it may be up to the citizens to call and convene De Jure Grand Juries themselves (absent the State Attorney) to deal with the problems from then forward.

* If only one juror uses his “Juror’s Right of Nullification”, he can nullify a particular law or crime if it is believed unconstitutional.

* If one County case nullifies a code or law, then that is published for the entire state until overturned by another court or higher court of appeals. But in the meantime it is the rule for the entire state.

* Other states in the region must consider/follow the ruling in similar matters in their states, unless overturned.

* Therefore, fence heights need not be adjudicated by all counties in eight states. One case can clear the whole issue up.

​So what are my options with my neighbor? Perhaps paint a hula skirt on him and if I can’t get the Clean Water Act ratified I can drink beer.

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