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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Equals

The thing I like about math is it is self proving in regards to the truth. If you do it right, unlike me, what follows the equal sign is the truth.

Yesterday the DOJ showed the truth. They let their goons slip information to the press that the DOJ will indict Trump and this time they will convict him of Obstruction of Justice. Ergo the truth!

But the truth here is they say they will wait until after the mid-term elections to indict him. One can only assume they are now playing honestly by not interfering with an upcoming election. So here is the truth.

First this time rather than leak it to the Times or the Washing Post, they leaked it to News Max to impress those of us who are gullible. They used Judge Napolitano to point out that the DOJ insinuates they have all the evidence needed to convict him but no one knows what that is all about. Haven’t we heard that before?

So Jim, get to the point, what is the truth you are referring to? The truth is the DOJ and FBI are indeed politicized and at war to kill Trump any way they can. They want him so bad that they are still overlooking the Biden Laptop and now changing the narrative to ghost charges against Trump. Yes, the truth is the DOJ appears to have gone totally rogue. But it is still possible that NewsMax made up that story just to keep the light on the DOJ, so you will just have to check the math for yourself to find the truth.

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