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Jim’s Rant For The Day. End Of The Chains.

Congratulation folks, we are now in our last week alone. Many of us have been wandering in the desert for years wondering if we were the only exiles there, wondering why our loved ones cannot see what we so clearly see. It’s one thing to be lost but quite another to be abandoned by one’s own inner circle - it’s quite painful, especially knowing that the healing process cannot begin until most of us are in that desert.

But thank god our loneliness will be ending this weekend. If I am reading the tea leaves right Super Bowl Sunday won’t be so super for those with the snacks all laid out to sugar themselves up so they can escape into the sport. Instead they may be having sour grapes witnessing the lost ones showing them the lost reality our countries are locked in.

“Storm the Bastille” was the battle cry that took down the French aristocracy in the late 1700s. Today the battle cry may be puzzling to future history buffs. It may be “If the masks work then how come they don’t work?” That piece of logic shouted by a Virginia mother to a School Board was met by utter silence. I think it will be shouted a million times over and will be met with that same silence because the question has no answer.

That question is the most beautiful logic statement with a question mark I have ever heard of. It will be the final wake-up slap in the face of the sheeple and in particular our soulless or demented zombie leaders driving our bus over the cliff. After that question wake-up slap to reality before they kill us all, they will be fair game to be yanked out of their seats of power.

I believe most of them will recognize their moment of truth is finally here, their gig is up. They will hear the end as clearly as does all guard dogs when they reach the ends of their chains snap tight and they realize they are now in a defensive position only; no more a threat of offense. Leaders will recognize that because they cannot answer that battle cry question and realize their lives are at risk if they remain in their positions of authority and mindset.

Clif High has been giving us February 14th, 18th and 21st. as high emotional marker dates. To me the 14th is the realization that the world has changed for a great many Sheeple after our Super Bowl Sunday and the realization that our neighboring Canada’s government has collapsed in concert with the Super Bowl outside activity. The 14th is also the start of a much larger Truckers’ protest to cover Europe.

The 21st of February may be the birth of Trump’s Truth Social platform will rise up out of the decaying shit of what is left of the MSN Media. Along with all of this is the world’s realization that we are in a war with the elites, a war for humanity’s survival.

It’s about to get sporty Sports Fans. We have been waiting a long time for this week. Enjoy it. Remember though, your sleepy family will be waking up in the desert so be patient with them as they learn.

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