• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Due By not Dubai

The big date this month is the Dept. Of National Intelligence report that must be delivered by Director Ratcliff “By December 18, 2020”. "By" means no later than. But it does not preclude delivery prior to that date. Many persons have leaked that it will implicate both Biden and Harris as being treasonous against the U. S. Trump is hinting that if that is the case his oath of office prevents him from turning his office over the that team.

If Ratcliff declares them, in his professional opinion to be treasonous, that gives Trump the peace of mind that someone official in the government declared or gave reason that he must invoke the Insurrection act. Note: Bill Barr also can invoke the Insurrection act.

I would watch for either Trump or Barr to invoke the Insurrection, at the earliest, anytime from today or forward. It all depends on when Ratcliff reports.

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