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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Dr. Potts, The Book Chucker.

Sorry folks, this one will be long but appropriate. It’s long because it will take me down memory lane (you know us old codgers) and appropriate because it’s about the Dominion company and Florida Supervisors of Election conference.

My last accounting course was Advanced Accounting with a book an inch and a half thick that would terrify anybody. It was an encyclopedia on accounting. I didn’t know what I was getting into. My professor was Dr. Potts, a newly PHDed professor who left a major accounting firm as a partner when his doctor said die on the job of a heart attack from the stress or find a quiet job. He was a down to earth talker.

To prepare for class we had to read the chapter covering a dozen methods of calculating depreciation. The accountant must choose the best method he feels serves the client and run with it. That’s all I knew besides all the math formulas. I was prepared for the 90 minute class. Dr Potts discussed all the methods in two minutes each, in under a half hour. Then he closed the book. He went over and sat on the desk and threw the book over against the wall and it fell loudly into a metal trash can. He said “Now let me tell you how it is in the real world.”

He said two bulls were eating grass and one said “Hey Old Bull, lets run up the hill and screw one of those fine heifers.” The old bull said “Naw, lets walk up the hill and screw ‘em all!” He then explained a new accountant would use one method and an experienced accountant would use several, one to screw the business partner, one to screw the bank, one to screw the future bond holders and one to screw the IRS, all legally doable. The class went home ten minutes later properly learned.

Now let’s address the Laura Loomer and Stew Peters excellent presentation of the situation of a questionable meeting with a Dominion representative and the revealed fact of a million dead voters registered in Florida. Imagine a dentist that extracts a bad tooth and notices its root touches the root of the next tooth so to be safe he removes that one too. Soon the patient has no teeth at all. Isn’t this what happened during the French revolution? All politicians were untrusted so for nine years most of all the newly elected were killed like the one’s they replaced. The government could not act that decade.

If we do a complete vote audit how many politicians would be illegal in their jobs from voter fraud? What about the prior elections? What about all their votes being removed or all contracts signed by them? It could take years to straighten all this out. I once studied a contract law case where a county administrator signed a contract to have a bridge constructed, but signed it five minutes before he was sworn in for his job. There was a picture of that 40 year old bridge in the middle of the woods with no roads leading to it or away from it. It was never paid for by the county. It was simply abandoned in mid-construction.

In the real world we must realize that voting methods is totally a political hot potato, otherwise we would see headlines around the country of counties making fishing reefs out of Dominion voting machines and voter rolls reduced but neither has happened. Next we have to realize there is a two sided war going on in the U. S. now over the voting issues.

I am still a fledgling nobody but I think Dr. Potts would probably say something like this. “In the real world, all Election Supervisors should already have a prepared list of dead voters to be removed from the rolls at a moment’s notice. There should be another file containing the new voting process and all associated purchase orders clipped to it, then stay out of the line of fire. Let the world arrest the perpetrators and move forward with clean elections.”

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