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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Down And Behind Because Of Her Behind.

I have been saying the past two months that our extended family needed to focus our energy on making sure we are ready to go over the waterfall in our canoe during the collapse. I was especially concerned that if anyone needed the hospital we had better get it done. Well, my wife is the best creator I know. When she focuses she gets it done immediately. Mama don’t play.

Tuesday she tore up her back when she dropped and retrieved the giant engagement ring I never gave her. (I’m terrified of buying jewelry and cars as I don’t understand them.) Wednesday I took her to her first ever Chiropractor visit although she did not want to see a doctor. She’s pigheaded like me. He suggested she had a Slipped Rib but worked on her. She was greatly relieved of the pain when we left.

We made contact with our family doctor to order the CT scan he requested. Betty was feeling good and insisted on cooking an easy dinner. I get up around 4 to 6 AM to work. She stays up late whereas I don’t. At 3 AM I discovered her crying in the living room.

The ER Doctor said the in hand CT scan indicated the possibility of surgery. So far the earliest appointment to start the process is 2nd week in December. I am trying a second surgeon now.

We live an hour from the Chiropractor that we will use as necessary for pain management. The bottom line is I am about two days behind now and will probably be behind at times while we play the doctor game.

P. S. Today I feel a little guilty from yesterday. While she was rambling at the receptionist desk about her body falling apart since she turned 65, I was rambling about her insisting we try making love standing up in a hammock although I tried to warn her it was a bad idea. There were three people behind the desk bending over dying laughing. Today I talked to my daughter who was one of the three. She said they hear that same 65 year old rambling story from half their patients but yesterday was the first in hearing the other side of it.

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