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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Double Bagging Your Treasures.

I hoped I would be on Costa-Matic today and Friday after this heavy week but thanks to Floyd that’s not possible. Floyd opened up that can of worms I was hoping to avoid for a while longer but now it’s here. This morning I awoke to a lot of “crystal visions” as Stevie Nix calls it.

Lets start with mushrooms, shall we? The largest living entity on Earth is a mushroom 2,400 acres in size located in Washington State. What appears to be a million separate ‘shrooms has one shared root – it’s only one mushroom. Link

My next vision was of a D-Day trooper pinned down on the beach amidst horror and fragments, suddenly standing, staring at heaven to get a clearer view to see if its god or an ornery bug casting him in this hell. The words I heard was “It doesn’t matter.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s bug “A”, bug “B” or god because we are all one. We are all creating this together. We are all bit actors in a play. We are all the playwrights. This is what our awakening is about – learning that we are all one, connected in an invisible way like that ‘shroom. I believe this is where Clif is taking us and trying to awaken us to.

I saw Patch Adams' four finger problem/lesson of looking beyond the problem to create the solution moment. We need not go down the rabbit hole of the bug; we need to stand in unison and co-create the world we have been bragging about that we need to create if we could. Well, we can. We have always had the power to do so, we just forgot. Now we are remembering en masse.

Remember the mid-twenty you moaning about changing the world to escape the meaningless job and money separating you from your family and dreams, from your treasure: the kids?

Let me make this clear – there is no death as most of us fear; we go on forever. If there is a death it is when we stop growing and creating. That is what the bug intends us to do. To submit.

Let me make this clear – we are in a war and we can expect to suffer; those of us who chose to be here and now. We chose this. We aren’t about to walk through the automatic door at the grocery store and instantly step outside of where we just were. We, our generation, will have to forge forward off that beach, suffering all the while, until we make it. The post Collapse and Reset will be heaven on earth compared to where we are now, but in the beginning of that first day don’t expect to bake brownies for breakfast with a celebratory hangover. We must suffer to recreate the world.

Every moment of every day we choose to tell the universe who we are. Each day we should be striving to recreate ourselves in the greatest version of the grandest vision we have ever had of ourselves. Now we are about to do that together in a grand universe way.

If we can make ourselves brave enough to shake our trained (programmed) fears then we can almost instantly create the world of our dreams for our greatest treasures, our offspring. This is in our nature. We need to double bag our treasures to protect them, to bolster our fortitude and will, to fear not death.

It’s time to put on our big girl pants over our jock straps, stand up together and forge ahead fearing not our personal outcome. Now that’s a statement to the universe!


I never knew how I was going to be able to share this with you. Thank you Floyd for the pointer and nudge. Jim

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