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Jim’s Rant For The Day: Double Barreled Shotgun Blast Heard Around The World!

A Month ago Clif High predicted a major news story to come out around April 24th. Yesterday we learned that over the weekend two highly placed Chief Financial Officers resigned. They ran Pfizer and Moderna, both makers of Covid Vaxs.

Little is known at this time other than they appear to have three strange dots connecting them. One is the suddenness of their resignations and the timing of their togetherness. This suggests to me racketeering, fraud in SEC filings, Mail Fraud, Money Laundering and Genocide. For both to resign at the same time tells me they are singing and have cut deals to squeal.

The third is they both were replaced by CFO s outside of the pharmaceutical industry. This indicates those two companies are in deep shit, are concerned about the survival of their image and stock valuation – their very survival. See: Link

Happy 24th Folks.

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