• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Do Some Critical Thinking Before You Swallow The Line With The Hook.

Recently an article was posted with a nice video designed to scare the living hell out you. I refuse to post it. Before you send it to me or swallow the bait consider this.

Check the Sources: You should see two of their tracks lead back to a 2012 website. The 2012ers believed the Mayan calendar was ending and we would all fall off the earth. So If you wanted material to scare people you might want to start there. Just saying . . .

Look at The Quality of the Work. If you just discovered the universe was going to end in a few weeks would you hire a production crew to produce an Emmy award winning type of video or would you make a cheap one then visit your growing up family one last time with the savings?

Search the Author: Again look at their work over the past years. Ask Yourself Why? Why did this secret information just come out? Why not a year ago instead of a short time before we have to bend over and kiss our ass goodbye? Who gains?

Ask Yourself Why The Reveal Now? Same question as above except more slanted to “What if it’s a con?” My answer is to survive what may be coming from the normal collapse you must be determined to survive it, no matter what, otherwise you will just sit and die. Maybe that’s what they want.

Then if you look higher you might consider they want to steal your creative thought processes. If we are truly creators we can create what we focus our thoughts on. We can create a world without “them”. So if they scare us to look at the end times only, forgoing our creative visions, they will win.

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