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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Development Of Latin American Countries.

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

After I got my Accounting degree I went to night school for another 15 years. One day I got a call from a former Economics professor saying he realized I was doing my own studies and was a former banker. He was wanting to teach a non-standard course and needed a minimum of six students. I signed up.

It was a Finance & Banking course by the above name. If you watch the first 10 minutes of the X22 Report from yesterday (link) you will understand why I am sharing this now. If you don’t have $500 for the class I will share my recap with you for an IOU for a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri.

Step 1. The State Department provides free consultants for the impoverished country. Those consultants are from the IMF and the World Bank.

The problem for the country is people don’t have to work. If hungry they walk into the jungle and return to their huts with meat and fruit. Each family raises domestic pigs but that’s it. Therefore they have no need for a mature western style economy.

Step 2. The country is financed to change their railroads to standard width tracks and also all of their train cars so they can deliver to other countries without having to offload from their non-standard gauge trains when crossing the border.

Step 3. They are financed to clean up the drinking water to vastly reduce the extreme death rates of babies. Step 4. They are financed for two blue ribbon piglets from the U. S. to freely replace each family domestic pig on condition that the family kill/eat all their domestic pigs. The domestic pigs are later outlawed after the big feast.

Step 5. The bankers say they are finished and then leave the country unless needed later.

Step 6. The blue ribbon pigs begin to die as they cannot survive on the natural water available to them Now the families are forced to purchase clean water from the

new expanded water systems to be again financed by the banks and purchase more piglets. They are also forced to build shelter for the pampered pigs that can't handle the equator sun.

Step 7. With all the babies surviving the government realizes they have to educate them and create schools and future jobs so they don’t eat the entire jungle. This requires more financing.

Step 8. Wait till the country is unable to repay the loans so now the World Bank can come back and control the country forever by advancing loans or withholding loans. The bankers win!

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