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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Democrat’s Plan To Steal The 2022 Election May Be Stolen From Them.

According to Martin Armstrong interview, the Democrat’s plan to steal the election in November is for Biden to sign an Executive Order admitting all illegal aliens in the US citizens. He says the plan is to do it just prior to the election so it cannot be challenged in court. See: link at the 20 minute mark.

Then Consider:

In a nutshell, is it possible that the message just sent by the SCOTUS the past week is:

1) The SC is now strictly supporting the Constitution. 2) Where new problems with rights are encountered not specifically covered by the Bill of Rights, the Constitution must be followed by allowing each state to decide those issues for themselves. 3) Enough with the overreaching Executive Orders moving the country towards a dictatorship. Its time for the legislative branch to step up and do its job. (Border Ruling) 4) The Legislative Branch cannot outsource its responsibilities entirely to agencies by allowing them to act outside their scope of authority.

Then look At:

SCOTUS to Hear Case That Could Give State Legislatures, Not Judges, Power to Regulate Elections. "The case is expected to proceed to oral argument in the court’s upcoming term that begins in October." Epoch Times Article

Then Take Heed Of Clif High’s Statement Today:

As we are all very much aware, the field potential for CHANGE, writ large, is very high at this time, here in this Matterium. If you can’t feel it, please get to a mortuary as you are a dead fucker.“Clif High – Sneeze Time

My Conclusion:

It certainly appears that the Supreme Court is cutting off all avenues for the Democrats (Biden) to grant the vote to illegal aliens by use of Executive Order, government agencies or bribery to politicians or judges, in order to steal the November election. With the precedents issued the past week, state and Federal judges, along with a Supreme Court win in October, can stay any shenanigans opening the vote to illegals, until after the election.

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