• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. DEFCON 1.

Yesterday I suggested that perhaps the big push back from Trump may happen in a week or so. I admit this is wild speculation on my part; I have a hunch only and nothing concrete to base it on.

It does appear that the Deep State is backing away from the plandemic now. This is a key change in the battlefield.

China appears to be closing their ports now. This is a sign of war between some parties (but not sure who).

The Dollar is in collapse and citizens are terrified of the unknown future. All around us we see systems collapsing.

Yesterday we were told that DEFCON 1, the highest alert the military has for war readiness was declared last week. DEFCON 1 is defined as “a nuclear war in imminent or we are now in a war”. This was the result of North Korea firing a hyper-sonic nuclear missile and we did not know if it was heading to the United States.

Now would be an opportune time for the military to step in fearing the Deep State is pushing for a nuclear war to cover up their crimes. Therefore the possible DEFCON 1 incident adds to the possibility of a major push against the Deep Sate within a week or so.

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