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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Deep State Fear Spreads To SNL.

If the sign reads: “The 2021 National Chippendales Bare It All. This Week Only At Dr. Fun’s Lounge. Safe parking” and it is displayed during Natl. Secretary Week combined with a major women’s convention in town, what do you think Is going to happen? Now let’s change the banner up a little. Lets put it on TV that Tom Hanks and Tina Fey will be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. Well, that’s just what they did. Why? Are all the regular hosts taking time off to go Christmas shopping? I say no.

They wanted a really huge crowd to see the real banner they wanted to show you later. “The bad ass Covid is lurking everywhere and it’s going to get you if you don’t get Vaxed before Christmas.” banner. Heck it made the ABC news again this morning. They booked the two stars for one night only and as a freebe get them another two extra days, not a bad deal.

Let’s back up and look at this as if it’s a war maneuver. What would you think if four of the enemy’s most aggressive generals are spotted at an obscure area on the line with two river bridges? Wouldn’t that make you take notice? All over the world hundreds of thousands of citizens protesting in crowds are rising up and moving in the streets against the Vax Governments. They know the Alternative News is showing it. How can the Deep State react to this? They reacted by making news of their own. First several retired US generals posted an Op-Ed in The Washington Post demanding the military be prepared for an uprising by Trump supporters in the US soon, it’s coming.

Then On SNL the overflowing crowd at home is told that because of Covid the theater audience was turned away and the live music was also canceled. Sorry but it’s Covid you know. At the same time many weekend sports games were canceled as well, Covid you know.

Are you seeing a pattern here Folks? Notice that more than likely SNL, the Retired Generals and the sport leagues are controlled by the Deep State. The Deep State’s reactive protests were not true grass roots fed, they were paid actors, and this time they moved up from cheap ANTIFA actors. See it for what it is!

But why now? I think they are scared as hell of this month ending and are doing every conceivable stunt to regain the narrative. They know what’s coming.

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