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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Declarations From Rittenhouse.

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Dreams mean a lot to me and I usually get messages from them the next day. But two days ago I had a most strange dream that repeated itself for what felt like an hour or two; most strange. I am an old programmer and have not used a Declaration section in software for years. That section is used to declare definitions of “strings”, values for terms, or the output of numbers (decimal places, dollar or percentage, etc.).

My dream was specific about declaring strings, such as the words of states for a pull down pick list so a new spelling challenged resident of Mississippi won’t be left out of a state sort and find himself all alone. But in my dream I just know I was about to declare a string, I just never saw the word.

This afternoon Bill Still posted that the Rittenhouse verdict reinforced our ”right to raise and use militias to defend . . ” and thus protect our communities from riots and mayhem. Then it hit me like the ton of bricks being delivered to riot locations just prior to those riots – the word to be declared was “Militia” and that is the undeclared lesson from the Rittenhouse verdict.

When I realized Militia was the word I immediately got the image of sport teams putting their hands together, counting to three and shouting their team name. That is a declaration; they are announcing their dedication to their team.

This is my takeaway from the trail, but let’s back into it. I have a vision of three unarmed persons approaching someone in a riotous criminal act from behind. All are legal concealed weapon carriers. One has a three foot string of camouflage colored para-cord that he loops loosely over the criminal’s head like a garrote, while he says “You are under citizen's arrest. Empty your hands and put them behind your back.” One of the guards draws his weapon prepared to guard the group. One guard shackles the collared suspect's wrists and then draws his own weapon. The group then leads the collar out of the crowd, backwards if necessary. That is the last step in this process.

The first step learned from the Rittenhouse trail should be for the guards to put their hands in a circle and declare themselves to be a “Militia to protect the community” and give each the right to deputize others in the crowd if necessary by saying “you are deputized into the Militia.” That is all that is required to bring yourself under the protection of a militia.

Now there in no reason for anyone to be trapped alone or be misunderstood as to what is going one. The Militia members need only declare continuously to the mob that “We are a Militia making a lawful citizen's arrest”.

It wouldn't hurt to have a few more concealed carriers clumped in the crowd if needed.

Declarations are all that is needed here.

P. S. The Constitution does not define "Militia" as a color so this negates any squealing of "White Supremacists".

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