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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. De Facto Takeover Of CNN.

CNN is in transition in being bought out. But in transactions like this there is the waiting for approval from the SEC. The SEC is part of the government and can drag this out for a long time. I do not know where the SEC is in their process now. I am just speculating here.

Then there is the rush to close by the buyer (unknown to me as I have not researched it). But one can easily deduce that timing is critical to the buyer. If he wants to support the CABAL, there is a rush to the controls. If he wants to end the CABAL there is a rush to the controls. Therefore, timing is of most importance.

So what is happening at CNN in regards to the senior firings? Is a new 32 year old new Human Resource Director doing her job? Of course not, they can only go after low employees, not the top dogs. The top dogs are being terminated by the Board of Directors because they must protect their investments as CNN collapses.

I suggest that the future owner is calling all the shots and the Board is terrified and complying. The buyer obviously does not support the CABAL and is clearing out all of the top dogs at once. You can believe the buyers have already submitted their list of new hires. I feel they are bypassing the SEC.

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