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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Current Status Of The Collapse and Reset. The Great Pretzel Hold.

This is where I believe we are in the U. S. Collapse and Reset as of May 31st, 2022.

The Press:

The U.S. Main Street News Media has made the decision to jump to the right side of the line when they absolutely have to. They started abandoning the Deep State this past week by putting one foot over the line, that being CNN, The Washing Post, Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. They will continue to give the Deep State covering fire but they indeed are running/trying to sneak away from the Deep State now. Last night I noticed that CNN played the movie Julia (Julia Child) from 7:00 PM until midnight. One could say it was a holiday yet another might say it was cost control. But to me it was unusual that they played a non-political movie about a French cook. Also be aware there was a hint a few weeks ago that the new Star Link system was there if need be to take over TV & Internet broadcasting.

The Legal Attack Against the Deep State:

There are many legal attacks ready to go now. What I see is troops hidden on a firing line waiting for the advancing troops to get a little closer. Everyone is anxious to pull the trigger and start things but that moment should be left to the commander who has a better view of the field.

The Food and Supply Chains:

There are two events ongoing now, the mostly deliberate destruction of the food supply and supply chains. Both are mostly being done so big players can maneuver themselves into winning positions as the global economy implodes and governments try to thin the herds so those governments and its leaders/controllers can survive the various collapses.

Keep in mind that what has started will continue for awhile after the collapse because of contracts in place now. So prepare for food shortages and supply problems for at least a year. Consider a contract to create false flags to destroy food plants. Those contractors will move up their timelines to get the payoff. They won’t risk a financial loss.

The Biological War:

That gig is up except for the real stupid. From this day forward those that continue to push it will have short lives as the planet will not tolerate it, no matter who wins this war. Even if the bad guys use it and win they will have to quickly eradicate it or it will happen to them in the long run. Humanity has to wake up to this no matter what. There is no future for anybody in planetary suicide.

Possible Nuclear War:

Putin and China see the writing on the wall. They will of course continue to position their countries for the new economic system but they will not resort to nuclear or biological actions that would create world war.

Shutdown Of The Power Grid:

The country will not have a general grid loss. However, there will be the threat and fear of a grid down being circulated and there will be rolling brown-outs for a year or so.

The November Elections:

I feel that about two weeks prior to the November elections all information will be out to the public on the voter fraud and all attacks on the Democrats will be in full force to the point that every voter knows that party is over. The two weeks will give voters confidence their votes will count and the Democrats cannot continue on to try to steal the elections. There will be no point in it.

The Great Pretzel Hold

Back in the 50s there was an Italian Olympic competitor that was noted for his Great Pretzel hold that no one could escape from. The next competitor to challenge him was terrified. His coach told him what to watch out for to prevent his falling prey to it. Halfway in the bout the young man was hopelessly trapped and couldn’t move any part of himself in the contorted position he was in, except his neck. His coach headed back to the dressing room having given up all hope.

Half-way back there he heard the crowd going wild. He turned and saw his athlete had won! When they were alone in the dressing room the coach asked how he did it. The champ said “You were right, I could only move my neck. I looked up and saw his testicle hanging out of his shorts . . . I was desperate and had nothing to lose, so I bit it. You’d be surprised how motivated you can get and pain you can endure when you bite your own balls!” Folks, we’re biting them now! Hang on!

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