• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Covid’s Death By Covid.

Congratulations to those of you who followed the news yesterday. You witnessed the unthinkable. Covid has progressed to the point that it is quickly killing itself!

Yesterday you saw the evidence that the FDA did not approve the Pfizer suicide shot and FDA still says that the current three shots are still non-liability emergency use only so no one is culpable for your death or side affects. This is not exactly a real motivation the leap in there to get the Jab as the MSN insinuates that all shots are now FDA approved.

Then we saw Germany outlaw the shots because of their massive protests and now because the shots contain “foreign bodies”. Apparently Germany is requiring proof that they are safe, which hither fore, the drug manufacturers have failed to give to anyone.

And then this week Florida Governor Desantis is opening clinics in Florida giving a known cure to Covid patients that the medical elite refuse their medical subjects to give to patients. Desantis is in affect giving the finger to the medical leadership and calling them liars and other disgusting names. He is hollering “The Emperor has no clothes.”

I think Clif High is right and Covid will be seen as dying fast next week by the earth’s population. But of course, with it will be huge parts of the medical industry dying off as well.

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