• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Covering Fire With Gasoline.

The Colonial Pipeline shutdown is an impromptu False Flag by the Deep State.

Now two oil refiners are shut down. BP EarthWatch just reported the oil seaport in Pensacola (my backyard), for barges delivering fuel, was shut down by the Feds two days prior to the pipeline hack. Pensacola is now out of fuel.

I believe this story is covering fire for the Maricopa County audit information coming out that definitely incriminates them. They are trying to tie up the press. --------------------------------------------------------------

Now the serious stuff. Three Italian nuns died in a bus accident and went to heaven. St. Peter was impressed because all three had never sinned in their lives. So he said as a reward they could return to earth for three months as anybody they wished and experience earthly pleasures for themselves.

The first nun chose Marilyn Monroe saying she was admired by all and had a glamorous life. Zap, off she went. The second nun said Jackie Kennedy because she was loved and admired by the entire world and was wealthy. Zap. The third Italian nun chose Sarah Pip'eline’. St. Pete checked his books for a while and then said he can’t do it as he had no Sarah Pipeline’ on record.

The nun said that was wrong because her name was in the newspapers that morning. Pete got a copy of the paper and the headline read: Sahara Pipeline Laid By 300 Men In 90 Days.

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