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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Court TV is Showing Our Own "Les Miserables" In Play.

This morning I watched the MSN Media during breakfast to see what they are up to. They were covering the trial of the century. The defendant was Kim Potter, the cop that accidentally shot an alluding suspect instead of tasering him. She was crying in testimony explaining she didn’t mean to shot him and she was sorrow. It was powerful news footage.

I was reminded of one of my favorite novels, Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables (1862). Translated it means “The Miserable” and loosely translated, it means “The Victims”. I didn’t know of the loose translation until today. I intend to compare and contrast Kim Potter’s trial with Jean ValJean’s trial.

The Trials: To me, Potter’s trial is spotlighted as a major crime committed against all of humanity and the criminal must pay. We all know what she did. ValJean's crime was to steal a loaf of bread to feed his starving sister and her child. He was convicted to life in prison.

The Zeitgeist: In case you are not familiar with the word you are in the company of most of the world. It is a German word difficult to translate. It means the world around a person in a particular place and time in history. Imagine you are writing a novel, the zeitgeist would be to location, language, clothing styles, culture, local economy, etc. Les Miserables has it’s zeitgeist around the French revolution (1792), caused partially by government corruption and a failing paper fiat currency in a collapsing economy. Actually I understand the charge on the Bastille began with mainly angry mothers with hungry kids.

Kim Potter is in today’s time, also surrounded by government corruption, a collapsing fiat paper currency and collapsing economy.

The Spotlight: Victor Hugo placed his spotlight on the bread trail and hid the corruption and collapse. All the reader could see in the book’s beginning was the Great Bread Heist.

So too with the MSN Media today. Not televised is the Ghislain Maxwell trial on how the elite uses child sex honey pots to control governments, the illegal Plandemic to further kill us and enslave the survivors and the intentional collapsing of the paper fiat currency.

Conclusion: Are they bragging by televising our own Les Miserables on TV as it plays out in real life?

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