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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Computerized Report Writing (in red).

On June 6th it was reported that there were three pallets of Maricopa ballots remaining to be audited. Today the Gateway Pundit reported they are down to their last pallet. One must assume the hand counting/auditing will be completed Saturday.

Due to the nature of the audit, the critical time required to deliver it and the anticipation of the world for it, it must have occurred to someone that the report must be delivered as quickly as possible.

If we assume the final 10% of the ballots audited are consistent with the prior 90%, meaning there is no human blood of missing persons smeared on most of the final 10%, then we have to assume at the end of the audit of the final 10% there will be no surprises. Therefore, what would a reasonable report writer have done while sitting around bored while waiting for the final tally? I’ll tell you, he would have finalized his report as far as he could go.

Without surprises, he will come back and change all the red interim numbers to black final numbers, sign, date the report and submit it. That is what a reasonable report writer would do with his computerized report. All of the report meetings are over except one very fast sign off meeting. Look for publication/release of information after Saturday, June 12th.

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