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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Comments on Parkes’ Post Today.

I know it is excellent but so far today the Home Run was made by Bill Still on Kamala. Enjoy it.

I spent about 30 minutes trying to get a Google map location for the first mountain presented. All I came up with is it is in the Southeast East of Namibia in South Africa. Sorry but I gave up although I believe it is real.

When I was thinking about doing a Rant on Parkes’ post I first asked myself three questions. First what did the presenter want from people? Second, who does he represent? And third, what is it he really wants to tell us. So let’s deal with just these three questions only.

After review his only request was in the first 30 seconds of the podcast in which he said to Tweet, Telegraph or Rumble his podcast to Pompio, Scavino, Trump Jr., Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and Gen. Flynn. They then can report to Trump that the people are ready and prepared for the war to begin.

It appears to me that he represents himself only and not a formalized group. So no, he is not from the Left, Right, part of the Military or a foreign country representative. I must go on the assumption that he is somewhat alone until otherwise proven wrong. Lastly, he is telling us to brace ourselves for appearance of non-human entities.

Now, to get back to the mountains he was referring to, this is my suggestion to you if it sounds crazy. Get a copy of Erich von Daniken’s amazing book, Charriots of the Gods (1969). He is the one who first brought all this to the attention of humanity. You may not agree with his conclusion but he certainly threw a lot of evidence out into the open.

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