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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Commentary On Charlie Ward’s Announcement That the QFS Reset Has Occurred.

Yesterday Charlie Ward read an announcement that the NESARA/GESERA financial reset has occurred, hinting that the Globalists, Central Banks and Deep State have met their kryptonite. See: link. A few persons asked me if it were true or a con to make fools of us as the Deep State destroys us all? Let’s analyze the announcement together so we can each decide for ourselves.

To me the notice was painstakingly well written and deliberately worded. It appears to me to be an excellent recap of a great deal of structure, detail and compromise. This is indicative of something that would be required for all 209 countries on the planet to agree to it. Here are some examples.

Quick Comparison of Gold Standard to Gold Backed:

This was done early in the signed announcement. It indicated but did not elaborate on the faults of the Gold Backed method and hinted that all of the future monetary fraud in the world has been abated with the Gold Backed method. This indicates a lot of structure backing up this simple statement.

Gold Valuation:

The gold valuation method is simply stated as “a snapshot of the gold price was taken.” Again this indicates a lot of structure supporting this statement. What was the agreed upon valuation formula? Was it from the ETFs posted on Wall Street or an elaborate formula to more accurately describe the Fair Market Value outside of the current gold price suppression?

Once it is determined how many Dollars can be backed by an ounce of gold today will that ratio remain constant as the price of gold is allowed to freely float in the future? Will the gold price even be allowed to freely float in the future? This is what I mean about having (unshared) structure behind it.

Old Currency Redemption Period:

Twenty years is allowed to trade your old global currencies on a one to one exchange for the new. That is all that is stated. Again this indicates a lot of compromise and structure. It allows the skiddish to act slowly. It allows for lost caches to be found, inheritances settled, ultimate bearers to change and god knows whatever other reasons may have come up.

My Conclusion:

To me, the announcement is a beautifully worded recap that would be hard to fake without detailed structure underlying it. The author was confident enough because of the structure to not have to answer some questions that would be asked. A con man would have to bolster with details. So no, the announcement is not a con but indeed the real thing. It may be a week or so before the unsuspecting world sees it however.

In 2009 journalist Matt Taibbi wrote an expose’ accusing Goldman Sacs [and the big banks] of being a “Giant Vampire Squid” with its tentacles wrapped around the face of humanity sucking the life out of it. No news print would dare post his article until the Rolling Stones (Rock & Roll) magazine took up the dare. Today those giant vampire squids are dying. Humanity is now free!

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