• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Come A Crashing.

To me yesterday was the long awaited day I have been looking for. If I am right next week the injunctions with the Class Action suit against the Social Techs will be ordered by the first court. It should then force the Social Techs to cease and desist attacking free speech while they appeal the injunctions. I hope the Techs are the ones on the defensive in calling for appeals.

Yesterday also brought the news that Pennsylvania is in the process of ordering Arizona like vote audits. And speaking of votes, let’s not forget that a few days ago the manual recount in New York’s Mayoral race possibly reversed the outcome when 135,000 illegal votes were removed from the original count, and at the request of Democrats no less!

When I got up this morning I checked the local news stations and the only national news we receive, CNN; we have stripped down cable service. All that I saw was Jill Biden is going to a spelling bee today and of course more Covid scare. I would love to know if Joe Scarborough mentioned today the three news stories listed above. If anyone saw where the national news did mention them please let me know. I am guessing they did not.

My guess is by next week the freedom of speech will be back up somewhat so that families can communicate openly. If that happens I feel that the Deep State will visibly begin crashing down from the public’s outcries. Got my fingers crossed.

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