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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Colin Powell's Name Again.

Now I know why I woke up yesterday with Colin Powell on my mind.

What we will see this week is the Deep State’s epitaphs for Powell from their marketing prospective.

He will be showcased as “the” leader of leaders, the first black man, the hero of the Iraq war to protect America, etc. In the end they will say he should be seen as the God of gods on earth. These things will all be true. The man certainly earned his way to all these achievements. He should be seen as a hero.

But to see who a man truly is one must look into his very soul which most of us never get the opportunity to do in our lifetime. But low and behold, with Powell we can. He gave us that gift of his life. In his own words you can see that in his soul, he saw himself as a true man that choked when it really mattered. He saw himself in effect saying, “Yessa Massa” and accepted his place on the great plantation we all are servants on.

Of course I am referring to what I wrote about him yesterday:

"This morning I woke up with the former Secretary of State, Gen. Colin Powell, on my mind.  He was the one on TV telling the world that we had to go to war with Iraq because it was a fact they had “weapons of mass destruction.”  To the world that was his defining moment.  But to me his defining moment was in an interview after he left office and was asked what he would do next.  I don’t recall the words but it was a statement that after unintentionally deceiving the American public into a false war there was nothing he could ever do to erase himself from that history epitaph.  He was going to disappear."

You know, this morning when I heard he passed away I actually thought about finding that interview to share with you. But it would be impossible. The sainted man went to heaven and I'm sure that interview went to Alphabet Heaven at the same time.

Viva La Powell. You served as well as anyone could in this shit system.

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