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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Cliff High, The Third Wave and Megatrends.

In 1984 Alvin Toffler wrote a The Third Wave and in 1982 John Naisbett wrote Megatrends. The importance of these books is that they gave us a view into our future of occurrences we are experiencing today. So no, this didn’t just get sprung on us; the big people all saw it coming years ago. Please forgive me because I am going to recap those works from memory, that is what I originally got from them when I read them and how they still steer my thinking today.

The Third Wave said that two major upheavals (wars, chaos changes in society altogether, etc.) occurred in world history. The first wave was when humans went from being nomadic wanderers to being agrarian and fencing off their piece of the earth. The second wave is when many humans left the farms and industrialized (factories and the machine age). That was his restatement of history.

The Third Wave he theorized was the coming advent of the computer age and this was his projections of what would come out of it. He saw more mechanization of the workforce, wars over raw materials, ever changing and never ending methods of the world doing things; nothing being stable anymore. And of course, global communication was the big one.

At the same time as The Third Wave came out Megatrends was published. Naisbitt, its author, was the precursor of Cliff High. During WWII his group read smuggled newspapers out of France and Germany. From them they tried to gleam patterns that might help the Allies in the war. So their day was to go to the office, drink coffee and read every word in the newsprint. Tough job eh?

One major dividend was that a toilet paper factory in Germany was offering higher than normal wages for truck drivers to deliver toilet paper to a small community in Belgium. This was the tip off that Germany was moving large numbers of troops into position for the Battle of the Bulge. The paper was needed before the troops arrived.

Another dividend was that extraordinary high prices were being offered for used ball bearings on the black market. The coffee drinkers concluded that there was a shortage of ball bearings to make the machines for the German military. On one single day all allied bombers concentrated on bombing all known German controlled ball bearing BB factories. At the end of the war there was a huge inventory of planes and tanks on the assembly lines all completed with the exception of those little BBs to go into the ball bearings.

After the war Naisbitt carried on his work and published a monthly news magazine by the same name pointing out business trends ahead. It was most successful. His book was a long look into the future. That book shook up the military brass in the U. S. so badly that they commissioned him to write a second book just for them.

In that book he went into detail how wars wold be fought by proxy armies where it was not clear who they were as they did not represent borders of a single country. Thus we were going into a world of False Flags and Special Operations warfare.

So let me get to the point of all this and what it has to do with today’s Cliff High’s podcast. I was reminded of this pearl from Naisbitt as I listened to Cliff this morning. It was the suggestion that technology would be used to wage different types of warfare than what we were accustomed to. He suggested in an upcoming battle a Battalion of tanks sent to the front did not have to be destroyed. Instead a plane might buzz them and drop a chemical on the column temporarily locking up their axles or clogging their engines long enough so they miss out on the battle.

Cliff high gives some expected long term dates in his calculations such as the hypothetical time that all four wheels on a vehicle are glued in place. But the vehicle will crap out when just one wheel begins to lock up. So in my mind Cilff is giving us an at worst long timeline. Look for things to crap out way before his timelines are reached. Plus don't forget that Cliff gives us just one cause that may end Biden's charade. There are many other causes in the making with their own timelines. So be patient Folks, it’s coming!

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