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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Clif’s Jan. 21st Prediction.

The past week Clif finally revealed why he is podcasting now. He said he was invited by Q to explain things to us. Then last night in Woo Dough he said he sees himself as a Shaman, that being one who goes into the dream state and returns to prepare the tribe for the future he saw.

Again last night he predicted a huge tension release on Jan 20th or 21st. He never has attributed it to a particular reason. I am suggesting here that it will be from the US Supreme Court ruling on the Vax Mandates.

For the first time ever ABC’s Good Morning America news show today they mentioned the Court Hearing today. They also said to expect to hear the ruling in two weeks. Recall that recently Biden said the federal government can no longer force mandates so the states will have to do it. Do you think Biden knows of the ruling and Establishment date?

Just in case on this cold morning you have your mittens on and can’t count on your fingers, two weeks from the 7th is Jan 21st.

In the meantime this is a re-post of a rant.

Jim’s Rant For The Day. SCOTUS – The Odds Are Good.

When my sister lived in Alaska she told me that men greatly outnumbered women there so for a woman searching for a mate that was the place to be. She said the local expression there for man hunting was ”The odds are good but the goods are odd.”

On January 7th our Supreme Court will be hearing the case of government mandates ordering poison shots. To me there are three likely outcomes from that hearing.

1. Government Vax mandates are struck down. 2. Government Mandates are allowed to continue.

3. Government Mandates are allowed followed by the Military stepping up to enforce the Constitution.

So the way I see it the odds are good. Two out of three winners are great odds.

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