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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Clif High and the Moral Majority.

Several thousand years ago Sun Tzu, in his manuscript of The Art Of War, warned us of our entry into the Vietnam war. He cautions those contemplating war to make certain that if you go to war you must hold the moral high ground or you will lose.

Early in the Vietnam war Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara called for a study of the war and concluded, along with generals, that the US could not win that war because we did not have the moral majority. Yet that war flourished and millions of people died as a result, probably because of pride. But in the end even the folks back home turned against the war after learning they were being lied to about it.

The moral majority was always held by the Vietnamese people because they were fighting for their country, their homes and their families. This motivated them to dedicate their lives and the lives of their families for the cause whereas the US had troops there dedicated to only doing their time and leaving the place. Sun Tzu was right.

Clif High has been educating the world that the lowly majority of the people have a moral right to fight for their very lives. Now with the Covid plandemic no longer are we restricted to a draft of 18 to 24 year olds. Clif’s army now includes 80 year olds with all of in this fight for our lives, freedom, our species and the future of no more warfare.

Clif is really bolstering our might to win this moral fight and in addition showing us how to make it somewhat as bloodless as possible. He is giving our consciousness the moral strength to do this.

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