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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Clif, Dr. Gupta and Gen. Colin Powell.

Towards the end of Friday's Clif High interview he said that Joe Rogan “Bitch slapped him good” referring to his interview of Dr. Gupta regarding Ivermectin being only a horse dewormer. Again I find myself in disagreement with Clif. It was much more than a bitch slap, it was a bitch slap by a big bitch, almost a knockout punch!

He then said Gupta looked like a kid caught by his mother (hand in the cookie jar moment) with the look of fear on his face from an unexpected question and no prepared answer for it. Clif is right on that one.

This morning I woke up with the former Secretary of State, Gen. Colin Powell, on my mind. He was the one on TV telling the world that we had to go to war with Iraq because it was a fact they had “weapons of mass destruction.” To the world that was his defining moment. But to me his defining moment was in an interview after he left office and was asked what he would do next. I don’t recall the words but it was a statement that after unintentionally deceiving the American public into a false war there was nothing he could ever do to erase himself from that history epitaph. He was going to disappear.

Dr Gupta built up his television reputation over the years but threw that all away by lying about Ivermectin for eight minutes until he finally came clean to Joe Rogan on the true benefits and history of the medication. But just like Powell, respectable life for him is now over.

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