• Jim Costa

Jim's Rant For The Day. Clear Skies Ahead.

So much news has come out the past two days that I cannot begin to discuss it. The bottom line is Trump has about half a dozen "bites at the apple" to win the election. He can't lose as he only needs one bite of it! Watch the show as the establishment collapses - it is over for them and hopefully a new evolution for humanity. Just look at the headlines the past two days on this website. P.S. I may go offline this week but I hope not. My computer died last weekend and my back-up computer is dying now. Its fan went out so I crash every 20 minutes. This can't be healthy for the mother board. I have two computers being built and hope to have them by early next week. That is why I am predicting the end of the election results now in case I am absent.

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