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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Current Civil War Forts.

I live near Pensacola, Florida, which has two old Civil War era forts remaining.

They both have a dry moat around them with an underground tunnel connecting to an outer defensive ring. For the most part that ring is underground under a hill with just one exposed wall facing the main fort. An attacker caught in that moat would be gunned down from two opposing directions.

Accordingly, in order to capture the main fort an attacker would have to tunnel down into the outer ring and capture it first. But in doing so the enemy would find it deserted as its defenders would escape back into the main fort. The outer ring would then be blown up as it filled with the attackers. Thus the enemy’s victory would be short lived.

So too with this election. By delaying the story of the Biden corruption, the vote will not be the end of Trump if he should lose it. On December 14th, the Electoral College could differ from the popular vote and still give the presidency to trump. Then there are the courts including the Supreme Court.

So if Biden should be the victor next week it may be a short lived one.

See: Trump's (64-Day) Post-Election Endgame (Or, Can A Criminal Be Inaugurated President?).

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