• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Churchin and the New Financial System.

With the financial news out the past few days my wife decided to test the new financial system out. I rode along to see it first hand as she prepared to feed five persons every day. This is what I saw.

She visited three church food banks. At each one she had to present her new magnetic driver’s license. After the first stop instead of returning it to her wallet she stuck it between her legs. As the journey progressed I saw that woman use that recently swiped card and it procured enough food to feed us for two to three weeks! So much for the old days of hooking.

She reminded me of an old James Garner(?) movie in which he was a sleazy lawyer playing the game. It began with him pulling into a court house parking lot. He opened his trunk and retrieved a little black book on judges. He then put a Kiwanis Club pin on his lapel and a Mason ring on his finger. He headed into court more confident and prepared.

Betty switched her dashboard Methodist bible to a Baptist one and then to a rosary hanging from her mirror. Welcome to the new Ad Hoc financial system!

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