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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Choochi Choochi Goo Fishbone.

I have spent half of my life doing fuzzy statistics in my head searching for what is an anomaly, what doesn't look right. Follow my thoughts here.

Ancient historians tell us Nero fiddled while Rome burned; totally unconcerned. Here we are today in what I see as a planned strangulation siege of our country. We are told China is out of production, not enough ships or containers, light port crews, proper California EPA rated trucks (no more than three years old), two of Santa’s Reindeer have covid, and on and on. So we sit in awe wondering what gives? Nobody has dare suggested we look over the city walls for danger yet.

Now we are informed that the General in charge of correcting all of this, that being Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, has been on paid leave for the past three months so he can’t step in and correct the problem so the problem is ignored. Why is Pete on paid leave? Because he and his husband just adopted two babies, possibly twins.

There is a technique used in project management called Fish-Boning, a time-line schedule. You draw a chart that looks like a giant fish backbone. If the company project is for the crew to get plastered on Daquiris your chart might show the far right bone as Purchase Booze. Then next Purchase Ice and Mixings, then Tell the Crew, get Finger Food, Lie to Spouses - you get the picture.

Now I ask you what are the odds that if the blockade is planned that by happenstance a bone is Adopt Baby at right time, then Make It Twins so no one can fault both fathers from nursing and concerned for their returning figures, then Insure Family Intimate Privacy while one has his tit out? Folks statistically this ain’t gonna happen. It’s a planned starvation siege.

There is a day coming when it will be fair to kill them. I hope I get to do my part. I am reminded of the best Tee shirt I never purchased. It was two buzzards sitting in a snow covered tree branch and one says "Patience hell, I'm going to kill something!"

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