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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Can Both Of The Facebook Theories Be Right? [Excellent]

Is it possible that it was done by Facebook itself to promote stronger censoring of the right and at the same time they were invaded by the Military?

Yesterday Simon Parkes stuck with his pronouncement that the Facebook was done by the White hats and the military raided their headquarters. Is it possible that Facebook had their shut down planned in advance after their paid whistle blower appeared on 60 Minutes?

Is it possible the White Hats knew in advance of their plans and planned a surprise visit on their headquarters knowing most of their employees would not be inside? Wouldn't it be the best time to seize records when nobody is there to interfere?

Just wondering. Remember guys, the worst time to have a fly buzzing around your face is when you are in the middle of a self-circumcision.

Only time will tell us what happened at Facebook this past Monday.

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