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Jim’s Rant For The Day. But See . . .

Let’s go back and discuss the 6 page document recently revealed by Charlie Ward, the Man Of God Declaration. At the bottom of it one can sign and deliver it somewhere. Anna Von Reitz views it as a trap to get you to forfeit your rights under the original declaration of Independence and/or Constitution.

Here is where I can say But See: Link.

My mind doesn’t go that deep. I still see that Declaration as a manifesto, an idea that can rally folks around, to cause discussion on hither fore subjects. That manifesto would be much like milk being added to flour to make biscuits – it binds the flour together. I never viewed it as a Declaration of Independence – Part II. It is too sloppy in its writing.

We are in a war. This is the first attempt (grass roots?) to make a visual flag to rally around. It is sloppy and not so pretty but it is something we can rally around to find our own kind in the confusion of war. Declaration? No. Agenda for Discussion? Yes.

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