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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Busier Than A One- Armed Man.

My life has taken a turn that will cut down time on maintaining this website. I will still post but will not be able to preview all postings personally. Nor will I be able to recap as many articles I have I have been doing. Unfortunately for you I will share rants as they flow through me. Sorry about that.

Early last week a fellow Digital Warrior you know asked the public for advice on what direction he should next take in his podcasts. Since Youtube continues to ruin his income he was emotionally hitting the wall. I responded and gave a project that would feed him and allow him to continue with his passion in waking folks up. The following two nights I received dreams showing two more proposals for him. By the time he received my emails three days later he had already made the right decision for himself to focus on his current path with a minor change to fool Youtube.

The last proposal I prepared blew me away. It came with lots of revenue potential for him. I did not want the project when he turned it down because I did not want the income. So I tried to give it to three other persons but it appears they don’t want it either. The project is one that must be done immediately and I also feared being bogged down in programming and bookkeeping, taking me away from the big picture.

After stewing over it over the weekend I decided it must be done and I had volunteered to do half of the work as a volunteer, so I might as well do it all until I can get help. So since last Monday I have been busier than the one-armed man trying to shove a stick of butter up a wildcat’s ass with a hot poker.

The project has many facets to it that I have to create all at the same time so it is going to consume me for a few months.

Project Brief Overview


To communicate with all U. S. Chambers of Commerce to share with them roughly twenty specific solutions for their communities after the Reset to calm them and create commerce quickly but on a local level. The projects will already be available as written action plans ready to be set in motion. Some or all will be accompanied by Grant Requests to be customized for each community. All materials will be downloadable. Member User Groups would be maintained for continued exchange and development of ideas, as well as newsletters.

Method of Operation:

I will write the website and all twenty of the manuals and additional grant requests. I am building the roster of Chambers now. I will need additional help in copying slow mail addresses from one source and pasting them into the master spreadsheet list. Macros have been written to simply this. As the roster is being built slow-mail packages can be sent to Chamber Directors. Other than the mail-outs 90% of the work will be done automatically and electronically as much as possible.

The Money Problem:

If I could share the information for free with Chambers I would. But if I did no one would read the materials because they are free. In order to get them to review them I had suggested an annual fee of $100 per Chamber. With that nominal price it would force the Directors to read the offering material to judge if it were worth the price. Once the seed is planted I do not care if they purchase or not because if chaos breaks out they will remember the information and seek it out. Originally I guessed there was one Chamber for each county in the country, that being 1,500. Therefore the maximum at that rate would be $150,000 in total if 100% Directors purchased. There would be no follow-up years because then it would be free to all. I was shocked when I discovered there are at least 7,000 Chambers, making the first year maximum revenue be $700,000. The price might be dropped. Excess earnings could be used to pay for research on other community projects.

Possible Participation:

I may participate some of this out if anyone is interested. If interested email me requesting the crude business plan as it is now and work product details.

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