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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Bill Still Said It Best.

This morning Still said that major news stories are happening so fast now that he can’t keep up with it. This is what I discovered myself yesterday when I was told about the interest rates raised to 69%. That story broke four days ago and somehow I missed it!

Folks, Clif High just warned us that they are going to scare the hell out of us over the next three months. This is my reasoning for it. The CABAL wants us to cow down, give up, keep quiet and die. They are using changing language and changing culture to stress and frustrate us so we can’t even discuss the real important issues because the discussion is about a bearded man on the girl’s swim team wearing a bikini. They wish to overwhelm us so we can’t think properly.

Now lets talk about the Trump group. They want to scare the hell outta us too by showing us what the CABAL’s real intentions are. Trump wants us scared, mad and ready to stop the CABAL by going to vote November 8th.

Between both sides it is going to be mentally stressful and horrible on us all.

My advice is know all is under control, everything is as it’s supposed to be right now and humanity will win greatly, as it already has.

My advice is for the next three months take the following vitamins to top off your immune system through the stress.

D3, 10,000 Units, Daily; C, 1,000 Units, Daily;

Quercetine (Hydroxichloriquine), 1 or 2 per week.


Ivermectin (horse paste, apple flavor) 1 or 2 per week, a small dab on the finger, you cannot overdose on it.

Learn to relax and get calm. Get laid once a month to super charge the immune system, focus on a hobby, knit, laugh and play, mentally tell yourself those old jokes, listen to the words of your favorite songs, meditate or just let your mind freely roam and reminisce . . . just make an effort to be happy every moment. Love.

Just take control over your mind and body during all this chaos.

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