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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Bill Ayres and The Weathermen Group

Yesterday I broke my personal rule to never post an article proclaiming somebody big was just tried by a Gitmo Tribunal. This rule is because before the real truth is disclosed in this war we are in such reports are just unfounded rumors – nothing you can hang your hat on as a fact.

But yesterday I posted this article:

GITMO News - JAG Convicts Bill Ayers on Charges of Seditious Conspiracy. [Use Discernment] Article

Those of us from the Vietnam era remember him and the Weathermen group protesting that war. I posted the story because I have a gut feel that it is the real thing. It appears that Ayers may have a 50 year history of sedition but now is an obscure shadow, a relic low hanging fruit for a tribunal.

In fact, he is no longer hanging but at his age of 72 is now laying on the ground. I posted the story because he may be laying next to the feet of Obama. If this is true that Ayres authored Obama’s book for him this may be a real shot at Obama and friends to fear for their lives. It also is telling that Ayers escaped the death penalty for sedition. This implies he is singing against co-conspirators.

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