• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Big Box Stores Ending Cash Transactions?

I am in the process of watching today’s David Morgan interview. He discusses getting your money out of the banks due to impending bank bail-ins.

Earlier this week my son told me he went to Lowes to purchase a $12 breaker. He said there was only one human cashier on duty. After standing in a long line he was told he could not make payment in cash. In anger he slapped $13 on the counter, said “Arrest me” and walked out. I was later told that Walmart is getting out of cash as well.

Is Morgan suggesting that the banks want all fiat money in the banks when they do the bail in? He says half of the cash in the US is parked in merchants' cash registers. Is the Deep State now trying to pull all fiat money into the net before they close the net for themselves?

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