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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Biden’s New Secretary of Defense?

Today The Senate just approved General Lloyd Austin to be Biden’s Secretary of Defense.

I am waiting to see what happens. If the story f our government being under the control of the Military and FEMA, with one of those leaders being specified to be General Miller, Trump’s Secretary of Defense.

So now we have possibly two Military leaders, one of which is controlling our temporary government. Something should tip us off shortly which one the military will follow. This will be our litmus test for the temporary military government.

P. S. Regarding Bill Stills post today regarding "Q" being a CIA operation. It was both interesting and disheartening. But it failed to give any proof of why he is now leaning to it being a psyop. This has been everyone's question for a long time; where's the proof?

I am still left of not knowing for sure. Where's the proof?

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