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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Doctors Best Efforts.

Whenever I see the hooded doctor of the Black Plague period one of the thoughts that hits me is “Best efforts”. We know for a fact that those mask wearers were giving it their best efforts to save their own lives. At that time a bird beak with garlic in it as a filter was the best knowledge they had. How dare us look down on them for giving it their best efforts.

Now here we are surrounded by doctors that know the old cloth baby diapers could not keep baby piss and diarrhea off the couch now wearing face diapers to protect them from a virus. They are insane if they believe the entire human race believes they are demonstrating best efforts. They are not. I assure you that they have done their research and are secretly taking supplements and medication to keep themselves alive.

So why are they wearing the face diapers? It now appears they are being forced to toe the line for the Deep State or lose their jobs or possibly their medical licenses.

When history judges the Black Plague doctors and the Covid doctors, which group do you suppose it will vilify as stupid and evil?

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