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Jim's Rant For The Day. Bernie in the History Books.

My father was a struggling businessman with nine kids. He had some good times and some bad times. He absolutely despised bankers and always seemed happy the day he heard one died. But he instilled in me how to only speak good of the dead, even the ones you disliked. I am in debt to my father for this life lesson.

Bernie Madoff is dead, good. He was presented as the "Ponzi Scheme king" which at the time he could have been. But the history books should not portray him as that. They should footnote him for his most famous quote when being led off to prison twelve years ago. A sidewalk newsman hollered and asked him if he was the "Ponzi scheme king". He hollered back something to the affect that if you think this was a Ponzi scheme you haven't seen anything yet. The whole system around you is a giant Ponzi scheme.

See: Bernie Madoff Has Died, Age 82

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