• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Ben Is Right, It’s Going To Be A Hellova Wake-Up Call.

Updated: Jan 28

I just read the second half of Ben Fulford’s Report this week. He talks about the reports out the past two weeks about strange videos out of the White House activity. I saw the posts but only posted the one about the concrete barriers recently installed. I failed to post the ones about the second story late night light flashes and bangs.

Ben is suggesting that the White House will be blown up. I assume it will be done by the White Hats. But even if it’s not it’s going to have to be on the MSN Media! There is no way they can ignore this news. They will be forced to say something intelligent other then it was the Jan 6th gang back at it.

Now talk about a wake-up call for the Sheeple. Even they will no longer be able to ignore that elephant in the room. My god, talk about waking up with a hangover and in denial and seeing this! Every clock maker in the world will have to retrofit their alarms to show this instead of a simple buzzing sound.

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