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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Belgium Badge Of Authority.

I read recently that Belgium had a million protesters recently over Covid restrictions.

I know I sound like a broken record but I just have to tell you again how my mind works.

The old farmer was approached by a man showing him a badge informing him he was to do an examination of his farm. The farmer said “OK but stay out of the North Pasture.” The agent responded by holding up the badge and saying this badge allows me to go anywhere so don’t interfere.”

Five minutes later the farmer rushed out of the barn on hearing screaming. He ran to fence and saw the bull about to gore the agent. The farmer dropped his tools, held his hand to his mouth and hollered “Your badge, show him your badge!”

I had to share this with you again before informing you that Belgium only has 11 million citizens. That means that 9% of the population turned out to say “No More, it’s over”. When 9% of the population stands up a few police and government agents are no longer able to hold up a badge of authority that is meaningful to the protesters of freedom in their home field.

By the way, if 9% of the US citizens protested in front of the US capital, entered and kept souvenirs, that would be 29.7 million pickers cleaning Pelosi’s home into oblivion, including the bricks in the wall. Talk about a horde of locusts feast . . . But I guess that can’t happen as they don’t make that many Viking hats.

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