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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Been Waiting For This Student Of Life To Finally Learn Something.

I have been the one in the extended family pushing college on those that were inclined for it. I taught them the tricks to making A’s, helped them get money before the Banking system stepped in to rape them, and supported them in their endeavors. This came from being a professional student in night schools for 15 years.

But I quit pushing about ten years ago. The game changed and most of the students were being lead into a slaughter. I felt that most students, not needing credentials, could do better on their own studies.

I foresaw colleges collapsing as they no longer served most students as they were lying and cheating students out of a real education for the sake of fleecing them. Well Well, it seems colleges may have gone to night school themselves.

See: Beck: "HUGE: New university pledges to focus on TRUTH & free thinking".

P. S. This is a copy of an Email I just sent to a friend a few minutes ago. I am helping her redo her Resume on-line as a website.

Jeannine: 'Morning.

I do not write websites for others as a rule. But this is a website I wrote last month for a Girl Scout Troop under the banner of the Boy Scouts. It has three main purposes: First is to market for new members as it is too small now and may collapse without new blood.

Second is to bring in members during the chaos period we are about to hit. Parents will be seeking a safe haven for Juniorette so they don't consider suicide as their families are in panic. They will want them to quickly learn what was left out of their schooling - to think and lead.

Lastly, it is to educate Moms that this is not the regular Girl Scouts baking, sewing, etc. It is that same leadership training that the outdoor Boy Scouts has been providing for a hundred years. The green wording is where the Scoutmasters must correct.

This is what your home Page should do to readers in the world of next month. The world we are leaving no longer exists. No one is writing their book or is concerned with Cobol anymore.


I will send you the link this morning to your site after I get a few ideas posted on it.

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