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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Barney Fife’s Achilles Heel.

There are days when I really love this game. I can’t stop laughing at times, like this morning.

Today James Howard Kunstler wrote a fabulous article ending with the big question of will the Canadian government call out the military to stop the truckers. Unofficially it is said the police have been told to not interfere with them. Kunstler had me rolling on the floor out of memory.

In my minds eye I saw Barney Fife whipping out his ticket book to arrest 100 thousand truckers. Then my mind went to the movie The Russians Are Coming when actor Brian Keith, the local constable, tried to arrest a Russian submarine and its crew.

Then my mind later went to the only rule I ever obeyed in my overcrowded childhood home “Don’t mess with the cook, there’s no future in it.” If the military is called out on the truckers who is going to deliver food to the people? The first principle of government is “Never let the people go hungry because they will eat the government.” The Truckers is the Achilles heel to the CABAL’s governments! They can’t live with them and they can't live without them.

Folks, we are seeing a new chapter in the war.

See 2 minute Video: The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (1966) - Under Arrest Scene

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