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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Bad Cases Make Bad Law. [Amended: Bottom Paragraph added]

The way the above statement was explained to me is that there are sometimes most unusual cases that need resolution but do not actually conform to the existing rule of law. For example, lets suppose a senior citizen was flim-flamed out of his $10 Million nest egg. Then assume he had three years to file a law suite. Then the man fell and had amnesia for four years. When he remembered it was too late to file.

The Judge feels for the man and twists the rule a little to allow the case to be heard. That most unusual case could now be used for others to slip through the three year rule as well. So yes, sometimes unusual bad cases make bad law. Any reasonable person knows what happened in the Chauvin case yesterday. The Jury lives in Minneapolis as do their families. Racketeering violent thugs have taken over the city. National political leaders have openly called for retaliation if the right verdict is not delivered. The place is boarded up for riots and troops are on alert across the country. There is no way Chauvin had an untainted jury to decide his outcome.

I have no doubt that a mistrial will be granted quickly. It will not be granted because Chauvin deserves justice however, which he does. No, the mistrial will be granted because now the judge is in that same pressure trap along with his legacy.

The message from that trail yesterday is loud and clear. If you follow orders and act professionally according to all police training, you can still get life in prison for doing your job perfectly. And with that message comes the demise of trained professional law enforcement workers. To retain officers, their unions now must demand double pay for the newly added risks to officers. Now you tell me how that judge will rule on an upcoming mistrial motion.

P. S. Even if the judge fails to act there is also a governor or presidential pardon. I know what you are saying, “Not going to happen with the two Bozos in those offices now.” My response is what about their replacements (if you know what I mean). Amended: Even Biden can't let this ruling stand. If his administration needs to usher in communism immediately they can't do it with a furloughed police force. Once the ruling is understood by cops it might take them a year to trust and submit to an awakening illegal operation. So all Biden is creating now is anarchy if this is not reversed.

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