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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Back To My Regular Life.

Betty now has her new front porch added to the house. My job was to add electrical and add two ceiling fans, which I just completed yesterday. I am finally finished with the construction and move from the past six months.

My internet dish was adjusted again so I am back online today.

Part of my regular life was to meditate every other day. I believe this inspires thoughts on the collapse and reset that I get during the sleep stage or upon awakening. I have only had time for two meditations the past 30 days. One was three weeks ago that I was too timid to share with you. I will do that now.

The thought I received was that it doesn’t matter if we live through this time period or not. First it doesn’t matter because what does it mean to live through it? Lets say it takes thirty years for all aspects of it to settle down. Are we asking if we will live another fifty years? Or are we asking if we are just a part of a little bit of the change over?

Secondly I believe we are all connected in some unseen manner, much like the giant mushroom plant in Washington state I wrote about. It was considered the largest living thing on the planet because what appeared as small mushroom plants was actually ten acres of one giant plant connected underground with one common root system.

What if we too are all connected through the ether of space, each sharing our life experience with the rest of the species. Thus we are building a list of our likes and dislikes, mistakes made and avoided, personal growth or desired growth. Our life could be used as changes to future creations of reality desired by humanity and not just forced onto us. So under this condition the length of life doesn’t matter, only our beliefs and ambitions for humanity matter to the whole. Our vote counts.

This might suggest our life only means that we are striving to “Create the grandest version of our greatest vision we ever had about ourselves.” - Neal Donald Walsh

So to me we have already cast our votes into the ether just by being here today.

Attached is the picture of the hammock I hook up in my office for meditation. It lets the family know how busy I am.

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