• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. More Anomalies & The Rhythm Method. [Updated]

These are long shots. Have you noticed the press concentrating on the numbers of caged kids at the border are building up. Each day the count increases to where they are having to move them to new detention centers. Why have we not heard of any of them being released to family? No release rate has yet to be announced.

Why did Harris drop her new job being in charge of the border like a hotcake? Could it be that she and Biden had no control over what was happening at the border? Were the kids being trapped in a safety net as the war ends?

Speaking of war, have you noticed that there are reports out that Russia and Ukraine are about to go to war in a day or so and that NATO is on alert? Let’s not forget China is signaling war with Taiwan any day now. See Gen. Michael Flynn’s site. Could these be cover stories for militarys to be on standby as GESARA is announced?

I believe most of my advanced worldly education came from Mad Magazines in my teen years. I recall one cartoon of graffiti on a wall stating “The rhythm method works great if you don’t lose the beat.”

It has been hinted by Simon Parkes and others to expect ten days of silence. But no one ever said when the beat started. So I went back to Simon Parkes website to see when he last possibly suggested the beginning beat. That was March 24th, his Crucial Phase report. If we start with March 24th as the starting beat, look to April 4th, Easter Sunday.

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