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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Anomaly Addict.

For years I have been enslaved by the habit of constantly searching for anomalies everywhere I go. Then I do fuzzy math in statistical analysis to see the odds. If the answer is high then I try to figure out what caused what I see. So I’m nuts, at least its a cheap habit. Yesterday I was at a Christmas performance at a school by grades PreK to 12th. In the auditorium I noticed the red box fire alarm was next to a door beside the top of it. I didn’t even do the math and went straight to the why. It hit me that not only are the kids getting a schoolin', so did the adults from too many false alarms pulled by midgets.

Which brings me to CNN and the child molester employees being outed the past few weeks. To me it’s statistically off the chart. Could it be the White Hats are (pardon the pun) laying their best cards down now on the MSN Media? Are the Normies getting a schoolin' in why and how the MSN Media is controlled?

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