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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Andrew’s Trial To Proceed.

This morning ABC News was forced to announce that Prince Andrew’s trial will proceed as the judge ruled the court does have jurisdiction of location.

They have to spin this case most carefully because the case is not Giuffre v. Prince Andrew, it is more like Giuffre v. Gremlins, Et Al. You remember the cheap 1984 movie Gremlins, don’t you? A businessman buys a Gremlin for his child and tells her not to water it at night. She does and now there are a thousand gremlins tearing up the house. The press knows this too is inevitable with Andrew.

I have often heard expressions about politics but never understood them completely, such as the Washington Two Step where one denies everything etc. In the trail above perhaps it should be called the CIA Four Step.

Step I: Establish Epstein & Company to groom underage kids. Step II: Film the Honey Pot trap of all major elites, political leaders and minions needed.

Step III: Offer unlimited digital money to all blackmailed. Step IV: Kill those that do not remain blackmailed.

The MSN Media is throwing Andrew under the bus as a lone sweaty horny pervert that likes to party, that’s it. What they don’t dare discuss is the possibility that Andrew was his aging mother’s acting lieutenant in England’s business affairs and he was owned and operated.

What they don’t want to discuss is so are a million other major elites, political leaders and needed minions owned and operated through similar Honey Pot machines created for this purpose. I have great hope that within a couple of weeks all of humanity will understand this and at that time the Ponzi schemes in our global economic systems will be seen for what they are, the handling of puppet masters.

P.S. Of interest to me was ABC news stressed that Andrew can later bring up jurisdiction again. This is true, but only if he loses the case and appeals. That would be similar to being that last US ship sunk by the enemy in the war but later proving the torpedo was fired two minutes after the war ended and therefore should be stricken from the record of number of US ships sunk by the enemy, kinda anti-climatic. If you're sunk you're sunk.

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